Computer Engineering Department:

The department includes the specialty of computer systems engineering. This program was launched in 1990. The PPU was the first university in the Arab world to take the initiative in leading this major. This specialization comes in response to the rapid development in using the computer and to the rapid technological revolution in the world. The graduation plan gives students of this discipline the possibility to study the computer system with its basic components: hardware material and software in a systematic manner. Along with the academic journey, the study plan, including academic courses, is constantly developed and updated so that the graduate can keep up with modern technologies .The plan also contains a rich and diverse range of optional courses that allow the student to focus on a given topic in the computer system.
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Department of Computer Science and Information Technology:

In 2912, the department was launched and intended to include two majors; the first one is   computer science and the second one is Information Technology. Graduates of these disciplines were leading the computer science industry in the southern Palestinian region. They have contributed to the development of electronic services and to the automation of the systems of public and private institutions, which has placed them in a prominent position among their counterparts in other universities. Outstandingly, the college team has occupied the first position in the largest Palestinian programming competition ACM-PCPC in the following years "2014, 2013 and 2017".
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