Department of Computer Engineering:

The Department of Computer Engineering (CE) sustains and strengthens its teaching by providing students with quality education in theory, application, and practice of computer engineering. The CE Department offers a Computer Systems Engineering program which focuses on design, analysis, and application of computer hardware and software as components of larger systems. This program started in 1990 and was the first of its kind in Palestine. The department offers the bachelor of science (B.Sc.) in computer systems engineering.


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology:

The Computer Science and Information Technology departments at PPU were founded in 2004 with a goal to raise the industry and academia in Palestine to a higher level of Hi-Tech. The vision of our department is to be part of the society and contribute to building a solid foundation and infrastructure in science and professionals. The vision is derived from the need to build a stronger economy and an academic community as a contribution to reach our people goals of freedom and independent state. The department focuses on building a bridge between the theory and application of computer science. So we have built  strong relationship and cooperation programs with the local industry to reach our goal. Part of our aims is to prepare and train our students with the modern programming practices and technologies to compete in the local and regional labor market.  That is why our students are amongst the most successful professionals in Palestine. Many of our students are well known in the field of academic research and Industry in Palestine and the worldwide. Our major next step is to build cooperation programs with large IT companies outside Palestine in order to contribute to the local IT industry and take it to the next level as well as compete in recruiting projects and research grants. 

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