About the College

The College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering (CITCE) was founded in 2012. The establishment of CITCE came as a needed step towards coping with the vast and fast developments in the information technology (IT) sector and in response to the huge demand for information technology studies.

CITCE seeks to be recognized for its ability to graduate information technology professionals and computer engineers who aim at serving the Palestinian community in IT. Depending on its qualified faculty and staff, the college seeks to be one of the national outlets for research and community service.


The College’s vision is to be entrepreneurial in the fields of computer engineering and information technology.


The College’s mission is to promote IT in Palestine by providing the community with competent and relevant graduates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. With a changing discipline, our graduates should fill the gap between the IT sector and community needs. CITCE also promotes research in the IT sector. CITCE seeks to employ the knowledge that is beneficial to the community and that provides sustainable national development in computer engineering and information technology. CITCE consists of two departments: Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Each department provides specialized programs leading to the bachelor’s degree. The College also offers a graduate program leading to the M.Sc. in Informatics.


Contact Us

Hebron - Palestine

Wadi Al haria Campus - C Building


Tel: 022233050

Email : dean-citce@ppu.edu