About the College

The college has three major departments: Information system Engineering, Information Technology and computer Science. The collage is also responsible for coordinating the master of Informatics that reports to the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. 
In 2012, this outstanding collage was launched since the administration of the PPU believes in the idea of having a unified staff in the field of information and computer science that contributes in serving the community in different areas, like health, education, environment, manufacturing, trading and agriculture by empowering the community with competitive graduates and research teams capable of offering effective solutions in different fields. 

Vision and mission

Our vision was to be entrepreneurial in computer engineering, computer Sciences and Information Technology.
Our mission was to achieve a considerable progress in the realm of Information Technology in Palestine and employ this progress to serve the community by empowering it with professional staff capable of fulfilling the market needs, competing at national and international level, conducting scientific research, perusing post graduate studies, putting theories into practice, keeping pace with the recent scientific and technological developments, and employing knowledge to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable national progress in the field of study. 


  • Keeping the academic programs in distinguished levels so as to keep pace with the international standardized criteria
  • Boosting entrepreneurial mentality and keeping pace with the global technological and computer revolution
  • Empowering the community with professional staff capable of providing situational solutions for demanding situations relying on computer and technology and capable of competing in the global market.
  • Enriching research skills and employing them in offering technological and digital solutions in different sectors of the community relying on specialized research units.
  • Consolidating relationship with information technology sector and boosting response to its needs by offering well developed academic program, well trained graduates and by providing expert consultation in the realm of computer and information technology for both private and public sector.
  • Working on achieving scientific partnership with national and international academic counterparts aiming to be well informed with the evolving scientific and educational updates in the field of study.
The College is also keen to make a periodical retrospect to the academic programs, including the assessment of faculty members, students, the administrative units, and the equipment used to ensure having quality academic programs by the following means:
  • Exposing students to outstanding scientific training in local and foreign institutions where possible.
  • Working on the evolving development of graduation plans to respond effectively to the workplace requirements and to rely on the use of computers and information technology to provide engineering, scientific and technical solutions.
  • Activating innovative teaching methods, examinations and graduation projects and steering them to serve economic and social development plans.
  • Allocating budgets to Fund scientific research projects.
  • Modernizing and developing laboratories by introducing the premium equipment to maximize efficiency.
  • Appraising and developing the performance and capabilities of the academic and administrative staff by getting them involved in specialized training courses or scholarships.
  • Motivating academic staff and encouraging them to conduct scientific research, to be entrepreneurial in teaching performance, and to spare no effort in serving the community and protecting the environment.